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Friday, August 20, 2010

THE YEAR: 1971. IN a cave along the southern Appalachian trail of eastern America, two social anthropologists, Carla Braumberg and Juan Divargas discovered paintings that seemed to be centuries old. Among  the scrawlings of bear, wild turkey and other common creatures still found in the area, the two anthropologists uncovered drawings that seemed to be  evidence of bizarre lifeforms not seen by mortal  eyes before. The figures seemed mythical: were strange, yet beautiful, and obviously possessed great kinetic powers...patterned lines scrawled around the creatures seemed to evoke musical pitches emitted by the strange beasts. Wings and hoofs were distinct...the torsos seemed to dance around a seemingly symbolic representation of fire: the detroyer and sustainer of life in the wilderness. Braumberg and Divargas kept their findings secret.

The Year: 1981. After years of puzzlement, and no seeming explanation of the creatures, Carla and Juan learn that archeologists have uncovered the bones of a creature along a trail in the hills of Germany. The bones are excavated carefully- they reveal a beast yet unknown to man...a seeming cross between an ancient breed of hawk known to have inhabited the region before the industrial age, and the very distinct bone structure of a horse- powerful, elegant, strange, beautiful.

In various clay containers buried around the outline of this beast, the archeologists also find the ancient writings of a lost mountain tribe. The words seem to be written in a poetic form, and at the bottom of each aged parchment - two words: "hawze pferde" or HAWK HORSES.

A collaboration between Heidi Harris, a singer/songwriter, multi-talented musician and visual artist from Brooklyn, and Olds Sleeper, a songwriter from rural Pennsylvania. The sound is a collision of two distinct worlds- strange meets beautiful.

Coming Soon: FALL , the debut album.

               "das Ei ist dabei Junge auszubr├╝ten "